About Infinity

Platform 09’s 10th edition in 2024 celebrates a decade of innovation, creativity, and inspiration under the theme “Infinity.” In a world filled with distractions and complications, Infinity symbolises simplicity, purpose, and the recognition of endless possibilities. Derived from the Latin word ‘infinitas,’ Infinity embodies the magical concept of something lasting forever. The theme underscores the infinite potential within us, emphasising that there is no defined end to what entrepreneurs can achieve. As creators of their own reality, entrepreneurs shape their destinies, overcoming challenges on an eternal journey. Entrepreneurs are urged to embrace the ‘Infinite Mind’ mentality, free from boundaries, viewing success as a continuous journey rather than a destination. Platform 09 takes participants through nine activations, providing a profound understanding of the entrepreneurial mentality. The tagline, “Success is a journey, not a destination,” encapsulates the event’s essence, encouraging attendees to embrace failure, learn, move forward, and never stop in their infinite pursuit of success